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12 Questions to Ask Your DJ Before Hiring Them

Questions to ask your Indianapolis djWhen looking for a Indianapolis wedding DJ there are several things you really need to find out to ensure your entertainment is everything you hope it to be. Cost may be what you think of first but if you want things to go well, here are some questions to ask your DJ before hiring them:

Ask about the DJ’s presentation

Have them explain how they will handle the details of the introductions, first dance, cake cutting, banquet, garter and special requested dances. You want to be comfortable with the DJ’s style and personality.

Ask about experience

Are they a full time company or are they part time with another career that could potentially get in the way?

Ask about planning and preparation

Do they meet with you before the reception to go over all the details? Do they have an online planner that you can use to custom tailor your reception by selecting the activities and music you would like?

Ask What kind of formal training

Find out if the DJ has had any formal training. Many people don’t realize that there is a science to successful entertainment.

Do they have emergency systems

Even well maintained and quality equipment can have problems. Find out if your DJ company has back ups in place for both equipment and personnel?

Ask what he or she will be wearing

Some DJs wear tuxedos… but don’t count on it unless you ask.

Ask if the DJ will need to be provided a meal during the reception

For a standard 4-5 hour reception it should not be necessary to provide them with a meal. You are already paying for them to be there. You shouldn’t have to pay an extra $20 – $50 just so they can eat.

Ask How many breaks the DJ will take during the reception

A professional entertainer will not take smoke breaks at your reception! The only type of break a DJ should need is a bathroom break and that can be done during a song.

Ask about the DJ’s start and end times

Does the price include music during the cocktail hour and/or during dinner? Include this specific information in your contract.

Ask about song selections

Can you choose from a song list? Can you choose a “no play” list? does the DJ have a wide variety of song selections? Can the DJ play songs to suite the tastes of ALL of your guests (Maybe two or three generations)?

Ask about the music

Unless you want to give grandma a heart attack, make sure that your DJ has appropriate and edited music. Just because they were great at the club they played last night does not mean they will be able to handle your event. Also, please ask if their music is legal! If a DJ isn’t paying for his music they are running an illegal business and the quality of the song may not be to your liking.

Ask about equipment

A DJ should have professional sound equipment, not “home consumer” gear. Be sure that the DJ’s speakers and sound system will accommodate your reception location (loud enough but not overpowering!) Also, if they come with only a computer, be cautious. How often do you have problems with computers? Make sure if they are using digital files that they have some sort of backup (CDs preferred) in case something goes wrong.

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