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5 Reasons Why You Should Try A Climbing Comp

5 Reasons Why You Should Try A Climbing Comp

  • Scope out the other gyms – you get to climb different routes, new walls and meet climber from different places
  • It gets you motivated – to become fitter, stronger and become a better climber. You have a goal that inspires you to train!
  • It’s fun and social! Some comps even a dress up theme and novelty climbs
  • It improves your ability to read routes and sequences – you’ll be trying climbs for the first time. It will require you to plan ahead an be efficient in your climbing
  • It’s great fitness – you’ll be trying to climb the entire time, usually over the duration of a couple of hours, which means you’ll be working hard and getting a sweat up

The Tour De Corde climbing competition has begun for 2016 but you can still join the fun. There are still a few more rounds in this year’s series. Hangdog will be hosting the final round in May, we encourage everyone to come and participate 🙂 Check out for more information on the event.

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