Archery Attack is more than just a session for kids parties, bucks parties, or a fun day out with friends. We also do family and community days.

Have our team come out to your local community day, school event, or sporting club fundraiser and let us help you provide a fantastic experience.

Archery Attack

Archery Attack is a fantastic game for all ages. We take state of the art bows and specially designed foam-tipped arrows, and put groups up against each other. Here they’ll get to shoot each other in various games and challenges. It really is an experience like no other. We’re all about fun, action and excitement, so we get you moving. While shooting arrows at the opponent, you’ll need to duck, dodge, and dive around the field. You’ll need to avoid enemy fire, and put yourself in the position to shoot back. Our various games put your skills to the test, and get you into an action packed environment. You and your group will play games such as ‘team death match’ and ‘capture the flag’, as well as other special games made just for Archery Attack. There’s something for everyone!

Family and Community Days

What makes our game so great for family days and community events is that we can cater for so many different kinds of groups. For kids, we have kids bows and can run shorter sessions. For sporting events or High Schools, we can run groups in and out of games and keep everyone coordinated. We provide our own equipment, set up and pack up, and run the sessions throughout the event. When you hire Archery Attack, you get the full service and experience no matter the event.

So book us now for your event, and see the excitement of Archery Attack.

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