When it comes to Arrow Tag, we understand how important it is to put on a killer bucks party, and we know that nothing makes a bucks party better than getting to inflict some damage on your groom-to-be. So what a perfect way to have some fun and give him a day to remember: by shooting each other with arrows!

We’ve got loads of great games and challenges for your whole party to enjoy. We’ve got team death-match, capture the flag, infection, traitor, plus loads more. But most importantly, we’ve got the buck hunt and buck run to really stick it to our guest of honour. We make sure to give your party plenty of opportunities to stick it to him. Shows him for getting married!

Our sessions get you active and moving so you’ll be nice and worn out afterwards. We’ll get you nice and prepared for post match feed and drinks.

Our friendly hosts understand how important it is for the buck and the rest of the party to have a great time and have a memorable and quality experience. They’ll be working with you, running your session, and looking after you with great care to ensure your time playing Arrow Tag is fantastic and unforgettable.

When you’re planning your bucks party, look up your local Arrow Tag venue and give us a call, email us, or jump on Facebook or Instagram and drop us a message. We’ll set you up with an awesome experience, and provide you with all the help and information you need to plan the perfect bucks party!

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