Did you know that there is a huge variety of game types within Arrow Tag? There’s loads of variety and we make sure no matter what kind of group comes through. There’s a perfect game type for every group!

Arrow Tag has our standard team death match for groups to play. This is the perfect starting game type for groups. It encourages players to move around, work as a team, and get used to playing Arrow Tag. Once a group has had a few rounds of team death match, we can move into the large number of other game types.

This where our hosts come into the picture. It’s the host’s responsibility to run a session and pick the right game types. The right game type depends on the group that’s playing. Some groups want high intensity sessions, with lots of running and explosive movement. Other groups want a more relaxed session, one that focuses more on the shooting elements of Arrow Tag. Your host will select the right game types that caters to your group’s needs.

High or Low Intensity Groups

For example, a group that wants a high intensity sessions will want to play games such as ‘capture the flag’, ‘infection’, or free-for-all’. These types of games encourage faster motion, and gets the players moving. You’ll get sweaty no doubt!

For a quieter and more relaxed group, we’ll look to run games such as ‘four square’, ‘jailbreak’ or ‘traitor’. These are some examples of games that focus more on accuracy, cunning, and skill. These Arrow Tag games. Although action is always a major part of Arrow Tag, these games are more appropriate for a group that wants to take it a little easier.

Come On Down

Whatever the make up of your group is, there’s a game type to suit. Arrow Tag can cater for all different ages, skill levels, and group makeups. So no matter the group, you’re going to have a fantastic time!

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