When it comes to such a fun, action-packed, and intense game like Arrow Tag, safety is of the highest importance. We will always go the extra mile to ensure our players are always having a great time, and a safe one too.

Arrow Tag safety starts from the very beginning of the product: with our equipment. We use specially designed foam tipped arrows. By having the tips be made of foam, the impact of the arrows is reduced significantly. You’ll know you’ve been hit by the arrow, but the pain is minimal. It’s nothing compared to what paintball shots can do.

That’s why Arrow Tag is so great for kids and adults alike. Because of our arrows, anyone can play without fear of getting hurt. In this way, Arrow Tag can suit the easy and light sessions, or get extreme for those who want to play hard and fast.

As well as the arrows, we also have our players wear masks, which cover the entire face. This is another addition to our safety standards. The arrows are designed to be low impact, but the masks add that extra layer of protection that ensure our players are completely protected.

We always want to guarantee a safe experience for all our players, no matter who they are. We even have arm guards and cups available if anyone wants the extra level of safety.

Arrow Tag is an awesome and exciting game, one that everyone can enjoy. When you book a session and join the fun, you know you’ll be in safe hands!

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