Arrow Tag – Teamwork

One of the most important skills in Arrow Tag is teamwork! You’re not going to pull off a victory without planning, working together, and executing a game plan.

The types of games and challenges we organise and play with our groups really encourage and bring out the best teamwork in our players. Teams will need to coordinate and work out the best strategy to win.

Take capture the flag as an example. It’s important for teams to plan who the runners are and who the defenders are. You don’t want to go all offence and leave your flag undefended. You also don’t want everyone defending and not attacking the enemy. Can’t win without finding that balance. Teamwork is so important in Archery Tag, and we love seeing teams come together and drawing up plays to win.

This is what makes Archery Tag such a great team building and bonding event for your workplace, or as a great lesson in teamwork for your students. There’s even more than just capture the flag. Almost all of our games and challenges encourage team play and strategy. That’s one of the main parts of Arrow Tag, and something all our players enjoy.

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