Arrow Tag is a great and fun activity, no matter the weather!
Sun, rain, hail, or fog. Whatever the situation may be. We guarantee that we can get that session up and running.

As the seasons are changing, the environments we play in change too. Sometimes it’s going to rain, or be extremely hot. But that doesn’t stop us from playing Arrow Tag.

A great sense of importance is placed upon looking after your group. When you come and play Arrow Tag, no matter the weather, you’ll be taken care of. If your group wants to play in the rain, we’ll make it happen. If it’s really hot and your group wants to push through the heat, then it’ll happen. Even though the playing conditions change, we’ll aim to keep the experience as fun as possible.

Just like our normal sessions, in these crazy weather conditions player safety is always of upmost importance. In cases where everything is wet, we’ll keep the equipment dry but setting up tarps. We’ll also be constantly wiping the bows and other equipment to keep them as dry as possible.

When the weather is hot and players are really getting sweating, we’ll provide sunscreen. We will also increase our break times so our players have more opportunity to stay hydrated and cool off. Whatever we can possibly provide to keep our groups safe and having a great time.

Whatever the situation, Arrow Tag can be an amazing experience. The opportunity to shot arrows at your friends, while ducking and dodging theirs, is great fun. So even if it’s pouring down with rain, or under a blistering sun, your session is going to be fantastic.

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