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KNOCKOFFS – often imitated never duplicated

Since then, we have seen hundreds of knockoffs and imitation brands try to copy what we do by using variations of our name, copying the content of our website, trying to imitate our business program, they say the biggest form of flattery is imitation, we are very flattered.


As this problem grew we knew being the leader we had to continue to innovate and protect the brand name at all costs.

  1. The Badge – we have created this badge to help identify our licensed locations across the United States to help customers feel safe in knowing that they are working with a licensed Affiliate of the Knockerball brand. In order to earn the badge locations must go through extensive training, procure insurance through our exclusive program, and submit a background check.

A sample training video – click here

  1. Proprietary Software – we use a very comprehensive and high-level Trademark Software to scour the internet for individuals infringing on the Registered Trademark. This software will prevent Google sponsored ads, URLs, social media and market place ads from appearing. Why is this important? Why do we do this? Because our brand is important to us and those who join our family are even more important to us and we will go to great lengths to support and protect their investment in the brand. This allows us to generate HUNDREDS of rental inquiries a month for our licensed locations.


  1. Bubbleball
  2. Bubblesoccer

In order to earn a registered and recognized trademark, you have to meet certain requirements which distinguishes your goods or services from others. Simply using a name that has already been around and creating a business around it will not be beneficial or earn the prestigious mark. Some try to use acronyms, abbreviations or even ‘fake associations to trick consumers that there is a governing body to ‘smart’ the system but those will have no power in any industry.
There is a great article which explains trademarks in depth here –


Anytime you’re going to invest your time and money in an opportunity it is important to evaluate all the variables which will lead to your success such as;

  1. Customer Service and Size of the company
  2. Quality of the Product
  3. Trademarked or Generic term
  4. Number of locations
  5. Social Media Presence

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