Well it’s November, and that means work break ups and Christmas parties are right around the corner. What better way to end the year on a high, with Archery Attack! 
You’ll get to shoot your workmates (in a safe way!) and really enjoy a great time of fun, excitement, and bonding as a team.

Archery Attack Christmas Parties

Archery Attack is fantastic blend of action, movement, and fun. You and your group will kitted out with our awesome bows, and you’ll take on a bunch of awesome games and challenges. Our games put you head to head against your workmates to see who comes out on top. These games include team death match, medic, capture the flag, and more. There’s a great amount of variety in Archery Attack. No matter what you’re into, Archery Attack has a game for you.

Archery Attack can be played indoor or outdoor, so your Christmas parties can be in any location. So if you’re looking for an outdoor BBQ, or an indoor function, we can cater for all. No matter where you play, you’ll have an amazing time at Archery Attack.

Melbourne Arena

If you’re booking a Christmas party in Melbourne, then our Archery Attack arena in Reservoir is a perfect location. Not only is our arena going to provide you with an incredible and fun Archery Attack session, we also have our function area for after the games. The function area has indoor and outdoor seating, a BBQ, as well as an arcade! The arena also has ovens available for cooking party pies, sausage rolls, and whatever suits your fancy. It’s great location, perfect for a Christmas Party.

Book Your Party Now 

There’s not much time left before Christmas, so found your local Archery Attack and book now. Plus check out Archery Attack on Facebook and Instagram for some great footage of us in action!

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