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So, you’ve been assigned the task of planning this year’s Christmas party or corporate event and you are looking for ideas.  This article will share some great corporate party ideas as well as point you in the right direction for finding help with planning your event.

First of all, lets be perfectly candid.  If you are planning a party or event for your organization, the last thing you want is for it to be a flop.  These are the people you work with every day.  You want this to be a great success.  So let’s define what success is at a party – in one word “FUN”.   It’s important to remember though that one person’s fun could another person’s fear.  That’s why you need to try to offer various options at a party so everyone can have a good time.

Casino Parties

Something that has really become quite popular at many corporate events are casino parties.  This is a great way to create an atmosphere that will get people to mingle and talk and ultimately have a great time with the people they work with.   The first question many people ask about Indianapolis casino parties is, “are they legal?”.  The answer is yes as long as no money is being transferred at the tables.  Typically, your guests receive a ticket when they come in and they can turn it in for chips.  They use their chips to place bets at the game tables and if they win they get more chips.  When they are done, they turn the chips in to the bank and receive tickets based on the amount of chips they turn in.  These tickets are then placed into a drum and at the end of the night if their ticket is drawn they can win a door prize.

Game Shows

Game shows offer your guests the opportunity to play games like the ones seen on TV ( Jeopardy, Millionaire, Deal or No Deal etc.).  You can allow the company providing the games to come up with questions, or make up questions pertaining to your organization.  Either way, your guests will have fun competing against each other for prizes.   Game Shows usually use a screen, projector and a computer with game show software.  Some of the better companies have actual game show units with built in microphones, buzzers and lights similar to what is seen on TV.

Airbrush Tattoos

Another fun corporate party idea is airbrush tattoos.   This option has become popular in recent years as people seem to like to express themselves with tattoos.  The fun thing about this is that people can get a tattoo and if they don’t like it they can easily wash it off.

Interactive Games

The reason many company parties are boring is because there is little opportunity to interact.  People come in, find a table, mingle a little and then eat.  Once dinner is served most people stay at their table.  Interactive games do what they say – they help your guest interact with each other.  You can use these games to give away prizes or to just have some friendly competition.  It’s best to use a professional MC as this requires a certain amount of ability to get people involved.  Often times people respond better to someone outside of the organization then with someone they work with.

Corporate Party Planning Resources

If you’re planning a corporate party, make sure  you use a reputable company that knows what they are doing or your party could turn into a catastrophe.  Faulty or old equipment will look bad and cause guests to be frustrated if things don’t work right.  Unprofessional staff who dress or act inappropriately can be a real turn off to your guests.  So how do you go about finding the right company to help with your entertainment?

Venue Recommendation

The best way to find a good reputable company is to contact the venue where you are going to have your party and ask them who they recommend.  Typically, they will have a list of  2 or 3 companies they have worked with in the past and know they will deliver great service.


Try to think of people you know who have recently hosted an event. Whether it was a corporate event or a private event like a wedding, they probably did some research for their event and would more than likely have some good referrals for you.

Event Vendors

Event vendors would be photographers, florists, bakeries, DJs, etc. who work in the event industry.  They have seen the best and the worst and can be a great resource for your search.  So, if you’re using a photographer for your event just ask them who they recommend for entertainment.

Now that you have some corporate party ideas you can get started on planning.  It’s a great idea to plan early.  You will find that July is when entertainment companies start advertising Christmas in July specials.  Take advantage of booking early so you can save on your budget.

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