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Double (and a few cringe worthy) Uses for Items in Your Climbing Pac

Climbers have a reputation for being “dirt bags”. I don’t know why. We don’t like being wasteful or paying for things that aren’t necessary and are possibly a tad lazy BUT really, when it comes down to it, climbers are smart and inventive! Why carry 2 different items in your pack when plenty of them double up and can be used for various things…

Brush – It is called a brush for a reason. Could be difficult to brush all of the hair on your head but to tidy up your brows or smooth out that beard it might help. Then there is always the toothbrush option…

Chalk – who needs dry shampoo? Chalk is pretty much the same thing. For best results, dab chalk directly from your chalk bag onto your routes… I mean roots, to dry out your greasy scalp.

Helmet – carrying a bowl is a waste of space in your pack. A helmet is a really big bowl. Use it wisely or you might need to do the chalk/dry shampoo method afterwards.

Slings – when your bra strap brakes, use a sling.

Finger Tape – tape fixes everything. If anything needs to be held together or has a hole in it, just tape it and use lots, it’ll hold. It doubles as duct tape.

Drink Bottle – We don’t all take foam rollers to the crag with us. If you have a hard plastic or metal bottle these are fabulous for rolling out your super pumped forearms.

Nut Tool – trad climbers don’t carry these for taking nuts out. They carry them because they open bottles and spread peanut butter.

Guide Book – this one is only if you’re desperate and need some err… expensive toilet paper. Be sure to rip out pages that aren’t vital.

If you have any more great double up ideas, please share your knowledge with us. We love hearing ways in which we can save money and make our packs lightweight. 😉

Happy Climbing!

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