Are you looking for a new and exciting way to get active, without having to do the same boring exercise, well give Arrow Tag a try!

Arrow Tag is an intense experience; focusing on movement, team play, strategy, and fun. We play outdoors or indoors, depending on your location; and we know how provide a great time and keep you active while we’re playing.

Our combat archery puts teams head to head in a variety of different games and competitions. One game you’ll be going all out in a team deathmatch, then next you’ll be protecting your team’s VIP, and in another you’ll be planning and working with your team to capture the enemy’s flag. There really is an incredible variety in our combat archery tag sessions.

Of course, the great part of our game is you get to shoot bows and arrows at each other. But remember they’ll be coming right back at you! That’s really where the fitness and active play takes off. You’ll need to keep moving to dodge the arrows flying at you. Plus you’ll want to run, duck, dive, and roll to get in position for the perfect shot and to keep yourself a hard target.

Arrow Tag is awesome for all ages too! We have games and equipment designed so that everyone get can get involved. We have bows of lighter weight so that the young kids can get in the action, and our larger heavy duty bows so the big kids can go hard and keep the intensity high. Rest assured, no matter the age, Arrow Tag is fun, active, and certainly exciting!

So if you’re looking for a fun and action-packed form of exercise to keep active and fit, or maybe you’re in need of a cool and exciting activity to get the kids moving, then Arrow Tag is for you. Take a look where your nearest venue is and book now!

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