Archery Attack is great for kids of all ages. It’s also great for girls and boys too. We get all kinds coming through for Archery Attack. Even today, we had an awesome girls party have a session. Let me tell you, girls parties at Archery Attack are fantastic!

The girls in action!

Girls Parties at Archery Attack

Archery Attack is the perfect venue for girls parties. It’s an awesome activity that anyone can get involved in. That’s what makes it so great for girls parties. The best parties are the ones where everyone has a great time, gets included, and gets to enjoy everything at the party.

So what is Archery Attack? It’s a crazy and exciting experience where we take special bows and foam tipped arrows, and put players against each other in great games and challenges. Our sessions have players learning new skills in archery and having an absolute blast. We’ll teach you how to shoot your arrows, then take you out into the playing field to go head to head.

We play a huge variety of games that are great for girls parties. These games will get the kids moving around and trying something new. Archery Attack can be played outdoors and indoors, so it’s great for all different kinds of parties.

Our Melbourne franchise has our state of the art arena, with a playing space designed to fit up to 40 people. Our Melbourne arena also has a practice range with foam targets, and a fantastic function area with a BBQ and indoor/outdoor eating area. The arena is a perfect location for parties

Book Your Party Now

So if you’re booking a party for girls, boys, or whoever; Archery Attack is for you! So find your local Archery Attack and book online now, and check out Facebook or Instagram to see Archery Attack in action!

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