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Appreciation equals motivation

Appreciation brings motivation and motivated workers are productive workers. According to Forbes Magazine contributor Margie Warrell, “Research has found that when managers acknowledge people for what they’re doing well during times when things are running smoothly, those same people are more likely to go the extra mile for them when things aren’t going so well – digging deeper during crisis because they know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed or appreciated”. No matter your industry or business, a thank you is always appreciated and always good manners. And appreciation and good manners are always good business practices.

Appreciation equals better service

If you work in an industry where you rely on suppliers or outside services, you may want to consider inviting these people to your holiday party as well. Their services are an important part of your success and a little appreciation can go a long way the next time you are negotiating prices and services.

Be genuine in your appreciation

The holidays are a season of goodwill, of being kind and showing appreciation. They are also a time for merriment and celebration. When you host a holiday party, it is an excellent way to say thank you to all those people who have contributed so much to the success of your business. It is important that the party not be perceived as a tool for motivation for your employees or a negotiating tactic on you suppliers. When you plan, sponsor and pay for a Christmas party for them, you are telling these individuals that they are important to the organization and that you appreciate all the times when they went that proverbial “extra mile” for you and your business.

Enlist the help of corporate entertainment professionals

With more pressing matters of business to deal with on a day to day basis, coming up with company holiday party ideas is often a task that gets pushed off until the last minute. More than likely, there are entertainment companies in your area that will takes the stress out of your party by cost-effectively planning, organizing and executing the entire event for you, allowing you to enjoy your own celebration. The best companies offer everything from interactive table games and game shows to full casino parties, photo booths and DJ/MCs. Make sure you check with your venue to see who they would recommend as they work with these companies on a regular basis.

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