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Remember when you were young and you would play games at school? They seemed like child’s play on the surface, meant for pure fun and enjoyment. But your teacher probably had other ideas in mind when she had you play traditional games. Your teacher probably had hopes that by playing games you would get to know each other, learn to communicate, encourage cooperation, and learn to plan with others.

These are all the same outcomes team building has and that’s why it makes perfect sense to host an Outdoor Game Day as your organization’s team-building exercise.

Let’s explore the positive aspects of playing games and how our Game Show events, Scavenger Hunts, and Cook-Offs can help your team meld and grow together.

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Benefits of Games for Team Building

Games aren’t just for kids. Adults can put their skills together and learn to cooperate, communicate, plan, and get to know each other – just by playing games! Team building is so important to not only have a healthy and happy work culture but also a productive team.

Cooperation & Collaboration

Any successful team needs to be able to work together and understand the value that each person brings to the team as a whole.

Games such as our Scavenger Hunt event allow players to work toward a common goal and add their personality in a forum outside the workplace, making it easier to learn to cooperate when big projects occur.

Our event specialists at Seacoast will design a customized Scavenger Hunt in Boston, Salem, or the city of your choice. Each team will be provided with a List of Clues and a digital camera to “capture” their solutions. This fun day or night activity can bring your team together in a fun and exciting way!


Communicating with coworkers and management is an integral part of any work environment. Mistakes are made when communication, either in person or via work apps such as Slack is not made a priority.

Games, such as our Cook-Off, create a scenario where teams work to prepare a predetermined recipe (with the help of a professional chef) to compete against other teams. We provide all the ingredients, recipes, and utensils to make your experience educational and entertaining.

Planning & Organization

Critical in the workplace are two skills that come naturally to some and are a challenge to others – planning and organization. Our specialized Game Shows, including Corporate Feud, Challenge, Corporate Idol Karaoke, or Game Show Mania, allow your team members to plan and strategize against other teams to come out on top.


Transitions are always a part of the workplace. This means some employees come and stay for years, while others move on to other careers. Our games allow new members to get to know their workmates on an entirely different level and in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Our team-building games can be custom-designed to help your team get to know one another outside of the confines of the workplace.

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