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Senior Director of Afterschool Programs

Recently, I had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of Camp Fire First Texas programming instead of delivering it when attending the Winter Family Camping Weekend at El Tesoro with my daughter Jessica, my son in law Daniel, my cute little infant grandson Tyler, my mother Sheran and my sister, Christine.  

We had the best time!

We made and painted birdhouses, we went hiking and canoeing and several of us conquered the high ropes challenge course – including my 78-year-old mother! She climbed halfway up the pole and her plan was to walk across the horizontal bar, 30 feet in the air, all so she could Zipline at the end of the course. She is so brave. My sister and my son-in-law are also extremely brave and completed the entire course. Me? Not so much; however, I make a great photographer with my feet planted firmly on the ground.  

The weather that weekend was gorgeous, and, as you have just read, some special memories were made as we enjoyed nature and time with family.   

I posted some of the pictures of our time at camp on social media and tagged my mother so her friends could see her climbing the challenge course. Of course, they all said she was brave, and they were proud of her. Comments began to be posted from her high school friends about their time attending Camp El Tesoro during their youth. 

Their comments started me thinking about the impact of Camp Fire. From memories of summer camps, and lifelong friendships, to engaging afterschool and teen programs, from training for the early education community to mentoring and apprenticeship programs. Camp Fire First Texas means so much, to so many people.  

Just stop and think about all the people that have been impacted positively over the years Camp Fire First Texas has been in this community. It makes me happy and proud to be part of an organization with a long history of including everyone and serving others.  

Memories have been made at Camp Fire for over a hundred years, 107 to be exact,  and I know that there are memories still to be made for a hundred more, and then some.  

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