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For students who didn’t play at a high level in high school, they are ofen left discouraged. Many students want to get involved in a physical activity, but they may not be interested in traditional exercise or mainstream sports. Colleges take pride in ensuring all students feel included, which is why you see colleges allowing students to start their own clubs for nearly any hobby you can imagine, such as squirrel watching, sky diving, there’s even a clown nose club at North Carolina State University. So why not have unique intramural sports as well?

Unique intramural sports are popping up all over the U.S. including spike ball, quidditch, capture the flag, cricket, futsal, billiards, and bubble soccer. The sport of bubble soccer is only a few years old and one of the fastest growing sports. What’s great about bubble soccer is you can use the balls play tons of different games besides traditional soccer, such as capture the flag.

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