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Indianapolis Wedding DJPlanning a wedding is exciting and, at times, a little stressful.  There are so many details that need to come together to make your wedding ceremony exactly what you want.  Most people want their wedding ceremony to be unique, expressing their beliefs in marriage and their personality.  As an Indianapolis wedding dj, we have been a part of thousands of wedding ceremonies and had the privilege of seeing some incredible and unique ones along the way.

We recently came across a blog post from Emmaline Bride Blog that shared some really unique ceremony ideas.  If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, you might want to stop by their site and check out their post “21 Most Unique Ceremony Ideas”.

Obviously, as  a DJ company we like to talk about music.  Ceremony music is often overlooked in planning.  A lot of couples like to use the traditional wedding songs for their ceremonies which is great.  But, if your not the traditional type you may want to consider using something different.

Music that shares your personality and how you feel about the person you are marrying can really add a lot to the ceremony.   While Canon in D is a wonderful traditional song, there’s nothing that says you have to play it at your ceremony.


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