Archery Attack is great for players of all ages, but for the younger ones, we have our junior Archery Attack.
We design our junior sessions to be the most fun, and the most safe for younger kids.

Junior Archery Attack

Our junior sessions are designed for kids 13 and under, usually with a starting age of 7. Really it depends on the child themselves and their ability to handle the bows and the experience itself. With this in mind, we also have junior bows specifically made for kids to be able to handle. Our junior bows are smaller in size, and have less draw power. This means they won’t shoot as far, and hit a little less hard. For the even younger kids, we have our snake bows. These are even smaller, and really made for the smaller kids. At Archery Attack, we try to make our sessions as accessible as possible, thus we have a variety of bows to cater for nearly all kids.

Sticking to our smaller design, we also have kids masks. These are made to have a tighter fit, and sit perfectly on kids heads. We want children to be safe while they’re playing, and that means equipment designed specially for them.

We play our awesome Archery Attack games in junior sessions as well. Some of the rules and play times are adjusted in order to provide a more free-flowing experience for the kids. So all your favourites are there, such as team death match, capture the flag, and medic. We just play at a different pace in order to keep the kids engaged, having fun, and really enjoying their junior Archery Attack session.

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Junior Archery Attack is a fantastic time for kids. Perfect for birthday parties, team break-ups, schools, or even just a fun weekend activity with friends and family. Whatever the occasion, head online and book now!

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