Looking for a great activity for the kids? Something that’s fun and exciting that gets the kids active and moving? Well Arrow Tag is the perfect choice!

Arrow Tag is designed so nearly all ages can participate and play in our unique and fun experience. We provide quality weighted bows, with specially made foam tipped arrows, and set up awesome games and challenges for the kids to get moving, be active, and have a great time.

Arrow Tag lets kids run around and stay active, while providing the fun and interesting opportunity of getting to use bows and arrows. They’ll be able to shoot at targets, and be taught how to use the bows by our hosts and referees. Then they’ll get to take those skills into our playing field and put them to the test in our unique games and challenges. They’ll even be able to shoot at each other in a fun and, importantly, safe environment where they’ll be playing against, and alongside, their family and friends. Plus we’ve got our inflatable bunkers too, which are the perfect cover and hiding spot for dodging the enemy and planning your next move!

We keep our sessions well structured, so there’s never a dull moment. The kids will always feel entertained and looked after, as our qualified and professional hosts know exactly how to keep it light and fun, and be coordinated and safe.

Kids always have a great time playing Arrow Tag. It’s action-packed and fun excitement that the whole family can enjoy. So find your local Arrow Tag and book now!

You can find Archery Attack all around the world! Find a location near you and book now!

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