We chose to specialize in Low Impact Paintball, to introduce the game of paintball to a new audience who might otherwise never have played due to the game hurting from playing at higher FPS limits.
Paintball players who are new to the game are sometimes intimidated by high intensity sporting contests. Some parents discourage their children’s requests for playing paintball because of the visual impact of paintball games they observe at their local field or on TV. It is normal for parents of minority age participants to be apprehensive prior to that first game.
Our paintball markers (guns), game organization, and safety protocol slows down the game and limits the shooting proximity, in order to maximize the enjoyment for inexperienced players as young as 7 years old. These games are also ideal for corporate groups and first-timers.
Low Impact Paintball serves to bring in new audiences to the sport of paintball games. These less painful games have brought in players scared of getting stung by paintballs coming in at bruise producing speeds. And these games have brought in mothers looking to plan for their son’s or daughter’s birthday party and want to sponsor fun and safe events.
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