Since our conception in February 2015 we’ve quickly grown to the largest Bubble Soccer provider in the Houston area. We have over 100 bubbles and can do over 5 events at once. We’re the only Houston Bubble Soccer Company that offers 3 sizes of bubbles; youth, adult, and the “big daddy” bubble. We are experienced in hosting events of mass participants, our largest so far has been 500+ participants with many more in attendance.

Our newest addition is Soccer Darts… Soccer Darts is a genius twist to the game of darts integrating it with Futbol/Soccer. Our Giant Inflatable Soccer Darts Board stands at 20 feet tall and is just as wide. The game is played with velcro soccer balls that are kicked at the Soccer Darts board and scored just like Darts. But of course you can add your own rules to it…

HBS, LLC employs dozens of college and high school students that are dedicated to making your experience one to remember. We stand behind our motto “It’s a reason we’re #1”, aiming to ensure customer satisfaction.



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