Here at knocekrball Rome I have Four main attractions to choose from. First Is Knockerball. This is the inflatable ball that you get in but not completely. Your legs are hanging out of the bottom so you are able to run around and hit each other and there are multiple games you can play.

Second is of course Archery Tag. This is Basically a Mixture of Dodge ball, paintball, and Archery. For more information on this you can look more on this main Archery Tag website.

Third is an Interactive inflatable as I call it and it is made from the Global Archery company, which is this company that also does Archery Tag. It is called S.A.F.E Archery or (Hoverball). This inflatable Has Four spots where Air shoots up and out.

Then you have a plastic ball Hovering in the jet of air. Hints the name Hoverball because the ball hovers in mid-air. And last but not least is an 8 FT Soccer darts board.

It look like a Darts board and it is Velcro so when you kick the socerball it will stick to the board. Also I have the Stick it Arrows (also made by the global Archery Company.) That have a Velcro disc at the end of the arrow that will stick to the board.

Other games include a game called kings court, sharks and minnows, knocker soccer, relay races, last man standing teams, etc….

Knockerball is great for birthday parties, church groups, school events, or just a family get together. Now with Archery Tag®, it is two new sports to hit Rome and the surrounding areas, so get ready to take aim AND score big hits!!!



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