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Stayed Psyched Over Summer!

The weather gets warmer, the end of year festivities are beginning and you are in holiday mode… It’s hard to stay keen for climbing sometimes when life gets busy and the beach is calling. So how can you stay psyched over the silly season?

  • Mix It Up – It might not be the best time of year to be smashing out your hardest climbs so change the focus on something else! You could try climbing with better footwork, climbing different styles of climbs, visit a new crag, climb lots of easy routes instead of a fewer harder ones…the options are endless. Just keep it interesting and challenge yourself along the way.
  • Train With Mates – it’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you have the right people around. Training with people who push you and keep it fun makes the world of a difference. You’re less likely to bail on a session if you have others relying on you to turn up.
  • Remember To Keep It Fun! – The best climbers are the ones that have the most fun. So you have had a bit of time off from climbing, don’t be too hard on yourself. Above all, remember to enjoy yourself.

Happy Climbing!

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