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Bowmentum Archery – where passion for archery excellence and 1st class customer service collides.

This blog focuses primarily on arrow spine (or spline, as some people call it; I won’t enter into that argument, LOL). I want to share with you what I’ve learned about arrow spine and how, when combined with your bow’s energy, it will unquestionably tighten your group.
Another great feature at Bowmentum Archery’s 24 hour indoor range, are the mounted smart TV monitors. These monitors allow for easy view of the target while standing at the shooting line. One monitor is dedicated to showing tutorial videos from Pro shooters like Levi Morgan and John Dudley.  These video topics range from proper form, tuning your bow and arrows to shot execution. Bowmentum Archery can even access Netflix so your little ones can be entertained while you practice. Bowmentum’ s 24-hour indoor range is truly one of kind and designed for those who desire an excellent environment to practice and learn.

Speaking of the 24-hour archery range…First, it is very easy to access.  Once a shooter is in the system, they can access the range using a designated door with an easy access touch card.  It is as simple as touching your card, logging into the system, and then letting the arrows fly!  Whether it is midnight and you are dreaming of the trophy animal or at 5am before your work day begins, access the 24-hour range and watch your accuracy and confidence grow!  Secondly, the 24 hour archery range uses a system created by board members of the Archery Trade Association that allows you to reserve your favorite lane from your smart phone. Have a group that wants to shoot?  No problem.  Just reserve the lanes, scan in when you arrive and the lanes are yours.  Add time to your range card anytime and the more you shoot the system keeps track and you get free range time.   After discounts, the average shooter pays only $7 an hour for a premier shooting experience.  One more thing about our 24-hour range – the system only charges you by the minute so you only pay for what you use – unlike other ranges.  This is perfect for when the phone rings and you have to rush home for dinner or back to work.  12 minutes or 2 hours – you only get charged for the time you use! ITS YOUR TIME. The time is saved on a web based system so you always know how much you have. and you never lose it and it never expires. No paper punch cards to tear lose or rip.

Finally, don’t forget that during business hours Bowmentum Archery can make adjustments to your bow, test the straightness of your arrows, and even super tune your bow for maximum accuracy.  Our technical service and advice is truly professional grade for those archers who are looking to maximize every possible part of their archery setup.  So, if you want to experience the best archery shop and premier 24 hour indoor archery range anywhere around, take that little drive to Bowmentum Archery south of Savoy Illinois.

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