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The Shoe Review – Scarpa Force X

I have recently been on the hunt for another pair of climbing shoes. I was after something I could keep on my feet for long periods of time, comfy and nothing too aggressive. I am lucky in knowing that Scarpa’s generally fit my foot really well, so I decided to give the new Scarpa Force X a run for their money…

The first time I put them on I actually giggled in disbelief. They didn’t feel like putting on a pair on climbing shoes. They have a lot of padding around the heel and tongue, silky soft interior and flat sole. My feet instantly felt right at home.

Breaking them in was no problem at all. I purchased them in anticipation of upcoming trip where I would be spending all day multi-pitching in them. I actually ended up only wearing them once before my trip and a tad nervous I’d need more time to break them in.  I had absolutely no concerns with them.

The verdict? I love them. They are a perfect “go to” pair of shoes for slabby/vertical routes. Easy to glide on/off your feet and a really fantastic all round shoe. The Force X is super durable and ridged with 4mm of vibram XS rubber (fancy term for good rubber) and great for edging.

Is there anything I don’t like about them? Not really. I am a lover of steeper terrain, which isn’t their strong point so I tend to use other shoes for this sort of climbing. I don’t find them super sensitive but once you put faith in them and try to stand on tiny little holds, it reinforces your confidence in them (although I’m not particularly great with my footwork so this might not be the shoes).

Would I buy them again? Absolutely… mainly because the ladies version is a pretty pink & orange colour.

The best shoe is the one that fits your feet. Don’t get too wrapped up in brands, just make sure they fit you correctly and you enjoy putting them on to go climbing  🙂

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